Sunday, March 08, 2015

Flea Market Sundays

Yesterday Dave and I went (with no children for the first time in weeks!) to a large fundraiser flea market. This is never a super great sale for me - but it really marks the beginning of the spring yard sale season in my head.

It was warm here yesterday (but not in the morning when we were out there, brr) and I didn't buy very much.

A lone nativity cow.
Somehow I don't think my Fisher Price collection had the mini bus yet.
A doll quilt.  It's pretty faded, but it's 1910ish prints.
A ton of old Christmas lights - that pinterest wreath might finally be made.
A sweet lamp.
A pink quilt.
The spider web quilting is pretty darn cool.
And this zinc (maybe?) stand thing. Maybe meant for the garden, but I think it will be great inside holding something. Not sure what yet. It was cheap and he had two more and I am sure to kick myself for years for not just buying the other two, but it was large and I wasn't sure what to do with it...

One more pimp for my etsy shop - where nearly every thing is on clearance in anticipation of the start of a new inventory season. Go find a treat for yourself! :-)

Happy Sunday to you.


  1. Great finds. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy a much needed excursion without children!

  2. I love the spiderweb quilting on the pink quilt. I've already figured out how to make in for free motion quilting!

  3. My pregnant sister got a little crafting crazy last Christmas and made me a tinsel wrapped bulb wreath. I just handed her all the supplies and told her to have at it. I wish I had that kind of energy!

    Love the pink quilt. Totally my colors.



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