Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Minted. I'd like one of everything please.

Have you looked at Minted lately?

I used them once a few years back to make our Christmas cards and they were the most gorgeous cards ever, but I hadn't visited them in awhile.

When I went to have a peek around their website and saw the fabric tab I could not click on that button fast enough.

And then I swooned!
 How gorgeous would these Strawberry Fields berries be as a little dress for Sam?
Since I've become a full on instagram junkie I have fallen pretty hard for a raindrop fabric that is IMPOSSIBLE to find anywhere. But lookie here! Playful droplets!
I painted a wall in the playroom with chalk paint. Partly because it was fun for the kids, but partly because I thought I could use it as a back drop for all those themed holiday photos I take of the kids. It turns out the light down there is SO bad that it just has not worked out.  But these photo backdrops would do that job in a place where I can get natural light for the photos. I could even customize the top to have it say our last name. Hmmmmmm. Need one. :-)

Then I had to have a turn at making an ADORABLE Room decor sign for each kid:
One for Grant, who loves planes.

 This one is perfect for Jack.
And I let Sammi choose her own, she loves the mermaid. (Which happens to match her room pretty perfectly.)
My last stop (before Grant decided to pour water in the cat food container, oy) was to check out the planners. Planners are another thing that is ALL OVER instagram, so why not have a look?  This one is gorgeous.

But really - so much pretty there. Independent designers, everything right on trend, super useful things like coordinated party packages (so much easier than hunting it all down on etsy!), home d├ęcor and more. 

Go have a look for yourself.

**I have been compensated for this post with a minted credit. After ten years of blogging, I am pretty darn selective about who I do this for here in this space. I hope you will enjoy minted as much as I do.**


  1. I LOVE Minted! They're a little pricey, but the quality is great. I won a gift certificate there a few months ago and had a great time shopping. Love the cute little things you chose for your babies -- especially that cute little Ginty on the paper airplane!

  2. Sarah, I found the Christmas Cracker/Popper pattern I mentioned once before. It is located in the 2014 BHG Special Interest Publication called Holiday Crafts. Pictured on page 25 and instructions start on page 33. It's called the Joyful Throw. BHG.com/HolidayCrafts2014.


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