Tuesday, March 03, 2015

My girlfriend, she's at the end and she is starting to cry

So. Here I am, eleven days after this started and I am still in the weeds. It took Samantha a solid seven days to start to act like herself again, although she claims she is terrified of the toilet and is only barely back to using the training potty.

Grant started the barfing on Friday. He just narrowly missed his own trip to the hospital by about 60 minutes. He has had insane diarrhea for four days. This morning I thought we MIGHT be over the hump, no diarrhea in about 20 hours and then he vomited twice. Massively. All over the kitchen. The floor, the cabinets, the walls.

Dave has been sick and lying in bed for three days.
Jack has been moaning about being sick, up at 4 am, and generally uncooperative since last Friday.  He doesn't appear to have this though, so who knows what is actually going on with him.
And me? Nearing the end of my ability to cope to be honest. I have been doing NOTHING but caring for sick people for so long now with no end in sight. They have puked and shit all over the house, so I spend all day cleaning it up. I have done at least 10 loads of biohazard laundry a day. I used an entire bottle of Costco laundry detergent in one week. That's 114 loads of laundry. We are three days into the second bottle.
I have been carrying, physically, two 35 lb children everywhere. Changing diapers for two again. Explosive diapers, sometimes up to 20 or more a day.

Grant WILL NOT puke in the toilet or a bucket - he screams and thrashes and pushes away spewing puke EVERYWHERE.

That's fun.
To make it even more fun, Grant has a raging respiratory infection, which he cannot take meds for until he can 1) hold them in and 2) not have raging diarrhea that is made worse by antibiotics. So he coughs. And then he pukes some more.

I have not really slept through the night in eleven nights now. That makes my RA horrible.

My kids have watched so much tv they are turning into raging little animals. They scream for tv. They will not turn it off. But what else is there to do while mommy cleans puke off the cabinets?
The best part is this can last for TEN DAYS PER PERSON. By the time it is done with all of us it could be 50+ days! FIFTY FUCKING DAYS.

I just do  not even know what to say about that.

Except I will not make it that long.

So yea.

Send missionaries. Or home health care. Or maids. Or something. Soon?


  1. I remember those days when my wee girl had a norovirus and refused to throw up in anything that resembled a bowl or bucket or toilet. (Worse, I was home alone in the middle of snowstorm with a husband out of town, so there was absolutely no backup to be had). I finally blew up the air mattress and kept her on that in front of the TV. Sure she went through every last sheet, towel and blanket in the house, but it at least saved my rugs. And I could wipe down the plastic mattress in between.
    Later, a girlfriend told me that in her two year old mind, she probably thought it was the bucket I kept trying to use was what was making her throw up.
    Hang in there. There are, as my pediatrician said, lots of weird bugs going around out there.

  2. I swear to God, I want to get into my car and drive from Virginia to help you! I am so, so sorry. I am happy to hear that Sam is better, somewhat. Hugs for everyone, especially you. This just plain "sucks"!

  3. I cannot even imagine and do not ever want to experience what you are going through. I am so sorry that you have to deal with this and I truly hope it ends with your husband. Hugs from a reader in California.

  4. I just shake my head in disbelief as this goes on and on. I can't imagine..sheesh. You deserve a supermom cape and a cruise after this ordeal.

  5. Whoever said these are the best days of our lives was on crack.

    Hang in there, Sarah.


  6. I'm so sorry. I pray that the end is finally in sight. Enough is enough!

  7. Oh no. I was praying that nobody else caught the bug. Try to remember that you're stronger than you think, and you WILL get through this. I hope some good things happen for you at the end of all this, because geez you deserve it!


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