Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St Patricks Day

Yesterday was a beautifully warm, sunny 80 degree day. Guess what I didn't think to do?

Take the kids leprechaun hat photo.

Guess what today is?

Cold and gray! Go figure. Hopefully I can get it done this afternoon.

I have  been positively itching to take down the leprechauns for about a week and put out the bunnies. It's on today's agenda.
The mantle this year.
A bunny snuck in there!
The foyer tree this year. I used the silver tree. (So hard to photograph with those mirrors.)
The only addition to the tree this year were a few of these old pipe cleaner + netting + spun cotton hats (!) shamrocks. A worthy addition though!

I need to find my blog mojo man. I need to find my life mojo. LOL

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  1. I've been seriously slacking on the blogging too. I swear it's because of IG. It's way to easy to snap and post a photo. Kind of like a mini blog post.

    Love the tree and all those mirrors!



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