Friday, March 06, 2015

Try, try, try again

Well then. Grant seems to have had his last nasty diaper around 7 am on Wednesday.  By yesterday Sammi was telling me CONSTANTLY she needed to eat.  She ate three breakfasts and then informed at 9 30 am that "it was too hard to wait for lunch."  Grant was still not eating yesterday, but he woke up every 2 hours last night telling me he needed breakfast. Then he woke up at 5 am for the day and ate three breakfasts himself.

They've both lost quite a bit of weight, so it's good to see them eating, but holy moly! 

On top of that I started getting sick with the head cold from hell yesterday. My head is killing me. And now I am tired.

But never mind that, I worked yesterday on getting us back to some kind of normal. Making the kids turn off the tv, returning all the over due library materials, changing the sheets, vacuuming, dusting, all the fun stuff.

In between I have been REALLY trying to make some traction on this quilt I have been working on for a month or more now.  I am a bit worried it's going to take me forever and I still have three Easter bunnies I need to get made this month AND whatever other Easter crafting suits my fancy.

 The weather is due to start turning warm tomorrow (THANK GOD!) and that significantly slows down my sewing since we are outside all day long. (Spring and fall are my reading seasons, I read a ton of books out in the yard with the kids or work on sewing/crafts that are portable.)

Here it was as of Wednesday. I am working on adding the borders now, but I have to rip part of it back out again because I suck at quilt math. Heh.
These crafts were in Sammi's backpack this week. I LOVE them, but marshmallow crafts don't keep forever, so I made sure to take photos of them.  They learned about teeth a few weeks ago.
And they are always working on spelling/writing names.

She has had a real explosion in knowledge lately - doing much better with letters and numbers and writing.  Honestly though, I cannot wait until it is warm so these kids can get outside and get LOADS of fresh air and exercise and sunshine.  Hopefully we will all sleep better and feel better once that starts happening.

So, that's Friday at our house.  I am SO happy it's the weekend!  Bring it on. :-)


  1. I tend to read tons more during the warmer months too, although I don't have little ones to keep an eye on. I am so happy that Sam and Grant are doing better! God, what a freaking nightmare of a sickness. We've had some doozy's in this house, but nothing compared to what you guys have gone through.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. I just caught up on your last few posts. Sounds like its been fun at your house (not) I am glad to hear the kids are on the mend and the weather is cooperating. That purple heart quilt is so sweet.


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