Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vintage Thread

 I thrifted 69 vintage spools of thread yesterday.
 I was about to whack them into this shop this morning (easy money), but then I hesitated.
 I really want to make one of those thread wreaths. The last time I bought thread for that it turned out to be VERY nice silk thread, so that was a no go.
 This lot sure would get me a lot closer to the wreath.
But then, cash gets me more fabric for quilting. Heh.

I cleaned off my sewing shelves when Sam was sick and have been destashing all that fabric. I then have turned around and spent that money on more fabric.

What the what?

I know. Insanity. But I am working on "quilting stash building", instead of my usual fabric acquiring which is generally just "oh pretty".  I read this book on organizing for quilters in between holding a sick Sammi, and while her drawer system does not work for my space (I wish it did though, so much nicer!), a lot of what she says about fabric REALLY resonated with me.  Worth seeing if your library has that book. (I plan to buy my own copy.)

Jack is on spring break and I had planned to take the kids to the zoo today, but it's cloudy and therefore quite cold. I think that's a sign we should stick close to home and clean up this mess.

I have my heart quilt quilted and ready for binding. I am not 100% happy with the quilting - kona and my sewing machine are just not friends really for some reason - but quilting is not an exercise in perfection, especially not this time.

And last, but not least, conversations with Grant :
Zombie, take off your coat!
Mommy, I not zombie, I Granty!

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