Thursday, April 09, 2015

A quilt dilemma

Okay. I bought a quilt on line, I knew it was tied and I expected it to be heavy from the description.

BUT, when a dishwasher sized box showed up on the porch I blamed Dave for buying something crazy. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a quilt in that box!

It's a lovely quilt, and in very good condition. It's tied and I think stuffed with wool since it weighs at least 15 lbs. If not more.

Now, here's the problem. This thing is so big I cannot store it. You cannot fold it more than twice - so it cannot hang on a rod or go in the quilt cabinet. It has been over my baby gate for the entire six weeks since I bought it.

Sammi has to really hold it down to keep it folded like this.

Grant did not want to be left out of the photos.
I cant even show you a real photo because its not like I can hang this on the fence, LOLOL. (And I am pretty sure it has never been washed given it's size, so yea, not too keen on putting it on my bed.)

It's a GORGEOUS array of vintage prints.

But I cannot store it. For real.

So I have kind of an itch to take it apart, remove that batting, use regular quilt batting and redo it.

HOWEVER, I never do that to a perfectly good quilt! If it's wrecked, sure. But this is not wrecked.

I could sell it again, but oh boy, shipping it?  Ugh.

So, take it apart? Sell it?

It cannot stay hanging over the baby gate. It's going to fade there, or get wrecked by dirty fingers. Plus, it is totally in my way.


  1. It is lovely :) Can you take it to the laundrymat? they have huge washers just for comforters and quilts. Then maybe you could somehow hang it on a wall...giant statement piece. But really, if it isn't working for you, just take it apart and redo it. That is my philosophy with most things....make them work for me, unless it is a priceless antique(which I have none of!).

  2. I agree. If it's not working for you, take it apart and redo it how you'd like. :)

  3. It looks beautiful but if you can't display or use it it's not worth having. I would redo it to make it work for me. I'm wondering what's on the inside as the filler. If you decide to redo it take a picture of the filler so I can end my curiosity. Thanks!

  4. I agree with Beth - if it's not working for you, fix it. I have a feeling it's an old blanket or two inside, or another old quilt. Since it's tied, dissecting it should be no problem for you. I seem to remember you unpicking another quilt!

  5. Ditto to what everyone else is saying...if it is not working for you, take it apart. Don't feel bad about it one single bit. Or maybe since it's so huge you could just give it to the kids and let them make a giant blanket fort. That may earn you a few moments of much needed quiet time :-)


  6. I agree that under normal circumstances I wouldn't condone taking apart a quilter's work, but this quilt isn't getting the attention is deserves. It seems it is unusable in it's current state, so give it love and redo it. Kudos if you will be a job!


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