Sunday, April 05, 2015


So. Dave has been up all night puking. Which means I have done this WHOLE STUPID EASTER THING on my own. I am a woman on the edge right now. The kids are sugared up. Grant had ONE egg with jelly beans in it which he has spilled at least twelve times on the hard wood. They are fighting constantly. I had to get them cleaned, get them dressed, want to kill myself in church while they acted like wild animals, supervise not one but TWO egg hunts....PLEASE LET THIS DAY END SOON.

AND just now my sugared up, refusing to eat real food, wild ass children were playing a totally inappropriate inside game and Grant has injured himself.

I am a god damn yelling, screaming maniac this  morning.

On Easter.



Basket for Jack.
For Grant.
For Sam.
Sam was SO excited when she saw the baskets this morning. "I saw that the Easter bunny came!"
Grant was like "oh, I got tiger! Oh I got George!"
And Jack is wearing Christmas pajamas.

I honestly cannot even believe I have managed to take these photos given this day.

This pose was Jack's idea. By then the little kids were over this though.
I am off to eat candy or something.

Happy Easter?

BWhahahaha. Not.

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  1. Seriously? What a messed up day. Easter is way overrated, don't you think? :-)



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