Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Easter crafting with the kids

Well, I tried mobile blogging again. And this time I cannot rotate the photos. So, all in all that is not a great win for me.
I only managed one Easter craft with the kids this year. I am not gonna lie - my attitude is still shitty over here.  The drudgery of sick kids and housework is weighing me down like the Brooklyn bridge. It's a miracle even one craft was done. Heh.
Walmart has (or maybe had, we bought these ages ago) craft eggs with their Easter crap. Lightweight but with a paintable finish. They also had a chalkboard version. Right next to it was this years Paas kits, one of which had vintage style decals in it.
I had the kids paint the eggs with water colors, then I rubbed on the decals. In my imaginary world I manage to get modpodge on them to protect them and ribbons on them to hang them from the tree. In my real world they sit on the counter.
This all pink egg is one of Sammi's.
I am not sure who made the green one, but the stripes are Jack.
I quite like them actually. They have the feeling of dyed eggs, but will last from year to year.
I've realized Easter is this weekend and so I better post the Easter decorations tomorrow, eh?
Or maybe I should just eat more Cadbury mini eggs...(really I am eating a greek yogurt in an effort to eat healthier. This is not helping my mood y'all.)


  1. Eat the Cadbury!

    Love the eggs...I'm thinking of getting the chalkboard ones if they still have them Saturday.

    If it makes you feel any better, at least your Easter decor is up and out. After being sick myself for two weeks plus, I'm still contending with St Patrick's! lol!

  2. I hate dying eggs. It is the one holiday project that I always pawned off on my mom or mother-in-law to do with the kids. I didn't even like dying eggs when I was a kid :-) So give yourself a big pat on the back for doing this one project. And eat some Mini Eggs as a reward.



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