Thursday, April 02, 2015

Easter decorations

When will I learn? We will have 12 sunny days and the VERY day I want to take blog photos? It rains.
At this point I am down to a tree and the mantle for holidays. I don't know if that's temporary or permanent yet, but  I have zero time for a bunch of hoopla.

The tree in the foyer is pink this year. (And frankly the ipad took a better photo which is on instagram. @makinprojiks)

Felted eggs and daisies on the dining table.

Slapped some die cuts on the walls.
Hung some bunny linens.

Grant keeps running off with these old nylon stuffed pillows.
These eggs are HUGE and I can never find a spot for them because they are awkward. The planter I bought a few weeks is working well!

I am off to help with Sammi's Easter party at school.  I suppose tomorrow we will undertake the nightmare that is dying eggs. LOL  See you then!


  1. Those larger-than-life eggs in the planter are fabulous! All your decorations are just wonderful. Have fun with the preschool party and the annual egg dying festivities.

  2. I miss all of my Easter decorations! I didn't get them out this year because of the state of disarray our house is in due to the small bit of remodeling we are doing. So I told Magpie Ethel that I was going to come and live at her house in Easter Land. Now I realize I will have to split my time and come hang out at your place too!



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