Sunday, April 12, 2015

Flea Market Sunday

Man, it's been a busy thrift/garage sale week!

I haven't bought enamelware in ages, so this was all pretty exciting. I use these to store things in the pantry plus the kids play with them. I think the strawberries are shop bound.
This old pottery is looooooooooooooooooooong. At least 18 inches.
I definitely bought all these for resale, then I realized when I got home that I had left part of the house at the sale (the slide), which will affect the resale value. So maybe we shall keep them. I am still undecided.
These are keepers - ohio art drum and pull xylophone.
I love that someone wrote LONG on the cover of this book. I make up words to books that are too long to hold the kids attention.

No week is complete without a quilt. Except I still haven't sold any and I still have no room for anymore. LOL

Snowball in pastels this week.

My grandma wore this EXACT pattern of housedress every day of her life. (My dad's mom.)  I didn't buy it for that reason though -
I bought to salvage the fabric.
This was a wadded up, torn, VERY VERY VERY smelly chenille when I bought it. You couldn't even tell it was pink it was so gross.
So I washed and washed and washed.
And mended. And now she is a pink beauty! Probably too pretty to cut up...
And on the way to the supermarket I did a garage sale halt and picked up a feedsack.

My kind of grocery store run!

Plus I bought a big pile of stuff for the shop which I am working on slowly getting listed.

Since garage sale season is in full swing I am starting to think about what I am looking for this year. I need another twin bed, one of my customers wants swiss dots and another metallic trims, and I think  I am hoping to start a toy camera collection. 

And You?


  1. That chenille is absolutely amazing. Great stuff. Glad you rescued it!

  2. Chairs! I need chairs for the table I bought at the flea market yesterday.

    That chenille blanket is amazing. So happy it was salvageable!


  3. Great finds! Love the chenille!


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