Friday, April 17, 2015

On the porch

It's full on spring, so we are doing some out door work.

I ripped open that giant quilt. What was inside looked like the largest piece of dryer lint you have EVER seen. It was just a big, puffy, multicolored...thing. I have never seen anything like it inside a quilt before.
Our porch bird has made her nest with quilt trimmings. I totally am going to save that nest. Also, it seems like maybe she adopted someone else's egg. This nest first had two speckled eggs, then one was on the ground and there was just one left. The next time I peeked, maybe a week later, there were four eggs. One is decidedly different (cardinal maybe?).
I bought this little rocker a few years ago and it just sat in the garage for a long time. Dave got sick of it so he moved it to the porch, but the cane seat was totally broken.  Last week Jack sanded it, ripped out the broken cane, replaced the seat, glued it all back together AND helped me put some oilcloth on a new seat.  Way to go Jack!
At yard sales last week I bought three nesting wrought iron tables. They were forest green with glass tops. The glass makes me nervous with the kids so we painted it blue and put a Cath Kidston oilcloth remnant on the top. I have had that oilcloth since Jack was a toddler, time to use it! I am hoping as it weathers a bit the wrinkles will come out and I can staple it better.
This is our sixth summer in this house and my cottage garden finally has some things that have taken hold. The bleeding heart has gone crazy.
And so have the lilacs I planted because they remind me of my grandmothers.

I am ever so happy to have made it to Friday this week. Whew.


  1. That egg looks like it could be from a species that commonly take over other bird's nest. I'd remove it, because it will harm the other birds.

  2. Send Jack my way! I have a huge project pile that I'm sure he and Maddie would have no problem working their way through :-)



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