Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The zoo. And miracles.

We took the kids to the zoo on the Monday after Easter. Everyone in St Louis took their kids to the zoo that day. LOL

The animals were really, really active. Much more so than usual.

Grant was excited to see the "monkeys like George."  He sat forever watching this Orangutan.
He is such a curious kid. You can totally watch his brain working - trying to figure out everything going on around him. And he has my bat ears! He is always asking, "mom, do you hear that?"

Sammi was CRAZY for riding the train. It's all she cared about.
And she was not the least bit happy when it was time to leave.

The zoo is actually starting to seem more doable this year. They can all walk so no hauling strollers and bags and nonsense and trying to manage that stuff and the kids. I might actually take them more this year (by myself!).

Now, about that miracle.  I have been working with Grant for a few months on using the potty as soon as he gets out of the bath at night. He is pretty well trained for that time of day now.  Yesterday when he was in the tub he told me he had to get out to go potty. And then he pooped on the potty!  This kid must've pooped in the tub at least 200 hundreds in his first two years. In fact, I think he pooped in the tub every.single.time he was in there until he was at least 2.  Not to mention this is the first poop on the potty. Maybe he will actually be easy to potty train. Lord knows the other two were not. I plan to give it a go when it's summer time.  (After 4+ years of diapers I cannot even fathom a life without diapers.)

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