Sunday, May 17, 2015

Flea Market Sunday

I think it's the flea market Sunday posts that are annoying me. My computer is so bloody slow with this! Argh.

This week:

Love the wood grain painting.
Toddler sheet.
Umm, yes please!~
Sorry this is a weirdly cut off photo, I didn't notice when I was taking it. A very sweet toddler sized quilt.

That someone cut right in half! Argh. I cant decide if I want to do something about that, leave it as is, or use it for something else since it's already cut in half.
Sweet feedsacks on the back.
Gorgeous dresdens!

With very special quilting.  It's smelly and yellowed near the center, but we need some consistent sun before I attempt to wash it.
These are wax, really small ( candle sized) and hollow. Hmm..... I don't know how they would have been used originally? I plan to put them on candle clips and put them on the Halloween tree.
Very sweet small mirrors for the hallway.

I'm off. I am missing call the midwife, the microwave is beeping, I finished a baby gift today and the tub repairman is coming first thing in the morning. Not to mention this is the kids last week of school already. Oy!


  1. That toddler sheet is so sweet! I love the dancing animals :)
    The dresden is beautiful!
    Maybe keep the toddler quilt cut in half and give half to Sammie and half to Grant?

    Lucky kids getting out now! Mine have three weeks left!

  2. I have those same wax pumpkins. Super cute and I just tuck them in with my Halloween decorating.

  3. I have a bunch of those pumpkins too. Awesome space filler!



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