Monday, May 18, 2015

Goodnight moon baby toddler quilt for Grant

Right now there is nothing more I would rather be doing on most any day besides quilting.  I have another 2 finished to show you and another two in the works. I think Goodnight moon was my 6th finish for 2015.

I was browsing the #thegreatfabricdestash on instagram one day and spotted some goodnight moon fabric. I didn't even know such a thing existed, but my wheels started immediately churning.  Whenever Grant is having a rough time sleeping we read Goodnight moon or play the goodnight Granty game. (I rock him forever and just repeat random lines from the book and then start saying goodnight to all of HIS things - so goodnight Sam, goodnight Jack, goodnight Oma, goodnight to his cookie monster, etc.)  This almost never fails to calm him down.

This quilt was my design. And I was so SO excited when I starting making it and it worked out exactly as I had planned! As soon as Grant saw the fabric he declared  it "the most beautiful quilt ever!" and "it's my quilt mommy? mine?"

Some quilts are a total joy to make and some a real labor of love, lol.


Fabrics - goodnight moon, orange dot Riley Blake, Grass is Juliana Horner for Joann, backing some random gray dot from Joann
Moon appliqued on, as are the window sashings (made with a very skinny vintage bias tape)
Rough edge applique details in the cat, the mouse, the goodnight moon sign above the door, the door window.
Design by me
Finished May, 2015
Made for my Ginty boy
Verdict - LOVE! math worked, piecing worked and was quick, execution of round applique is much improved, new quilting design in the stars was super fun


  1. Absolutely FABULOUS!!!

  2. This is perfection, Sarah. And something he will cherish forever.


  3. I really, really love this! What a treasure for him to have!


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