Monday, May 11, 2015

Hapde Mudder's Day

Selfie the kids and I took yesterday.
Dave finally made me silhouettes of the kids. Sorry for the weird angle, its the only way you could see them without reflection.
I made a handprint wreath for my mom, and since I was already cutting I made one for me too. (Which Jack says, "mom, it's really derpy that you made your own present." I consider it crafting, but thanks kid.)
Dave made me a feedsack pin with a Dr Pepper cap - the logo says "10, 2 & 4" on it - which is the current ages of the kids.
And as a gift to myself I took down the baby gate over one of the openings on my sewing area. It's a big mess right there because climbing over the gate 400 times a day to put stuff away is just ridiculous. So far the kids are doing great with it.  Jack made a big mess in there once, but mostly they are only going in there for paper or crayons. It would be REALLY great if I could take down the other one finally too!

So, a few thoughts on mothering this last year -

My kids are finally starting to show peeks of independence. They can play by themselves, solve problems by themselves, get themselves snacks and drinks and all that cool stuff. Jack is becoming ever more challenging with each passing day. I've still spent way more than my share of time rocking and reading and getting up all night long and tying shoes and putting on pants and all that little kid stuff too, but in many ways they are getting easier and the load is lightening. They are funny and amazing and definitely individuals now. I have become WAY WAY more laid back about this mothering gig. If we are all alive it's all good. No really. I mean, sure, we have moments (like this morning when I was folding a sheet and went to put it away and Grant ran out into the middle of an intersection thinking he was playing with Jack and I rounded the corner to hear Jack yelling and see Grant running like a damn fool and I had to chase him like a chicken all over the neighborhood, zoinks), but my forks are all over the back yard digging holes and the kids wear whatever clothes they please and yes, we have crayon marks on the walls. But I have totally come to see the beauty in choosing my battles wisely.  Flooding the house? Totally not cool. But using the whole bottle of hand soap while playing in the sink for thirty minutes? Eh, we can buy more.

I am turning 40 this week. It's all about perspective at this point I guess.

Anyway. That was mother's day over here.  I will be back because  I have TWO finished quilts. And that pesky birthday to celebrate.


  1. Perspective definitely comes with mothering experience. I have to ask myself, is this a hill I want to die on? Sometimes you just have to let things go for your own sanity! And PS, I am totally impressed that a) your husband MADE you something for mother's day and b) that it is SO cute! That pin is darling. Well done, Dave!

  2. You have an awesome perspective on motherhood, Sarah. I love the thing about the hand soap and the sink. It's so true! As long as they aren't killing each other and not making too much of a mess, just let them be, right? They seriously grow up so damn fast I can't even handle it. Alex will be 19 next month. 19!! And Maddie a teenager. You may wonder how, but at times I seriously envy you :-)



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