Thursday, May 21, 2015

Patriotic picnic quilt, or a quilt of valor for my Dad

Yesterday was Jack's award ceremony at school and today is his very last day of elementary school! Whoa Nellie!

He received the Presidential Academic Award of Excellence, which came with a letter from the White House.
How exciting! Way to go Jack.

On to middle school. Yippeee!

A few years ago my dad said he needed a new quilt and would like red stars. He drives for the Amish and tried to find an Amish quilter to make one for him, but the wait list was years long.

I hadn't forgotten the request, but it took me a long time to get back to it.

The kick in the butt was my Aunt always telling me to make him a quilt of valor.

One of the times I was clearing things out of my sewing room recently I found a big stash of vintage red, white and blue gingham.  I knew it was just the thing to finally make my dad's quilt.

And here she is:
I call it the Patriotic Picnic. I hesitate to call it a quilt of valor because while my dad is a Vet, I don't think that would have a good association for him. :/

It's my own design again, and it's bloody huge. Unlike Goodnight Moon, this one was a beast and it challenged me over and over and over again.
From piecing tiny stars, to having to adjust my design several times, to wrestling this King Kong through my machine.
Scrappy binding.
And polka dots on the back.
Even worse was that it kept shifting while I was quilting. Maybe I had a bad batch of 505? I've not had that problem since I started using it. (Even worse was that I had to baste it like three times.)

Aside from the quilting troubles, I feel like the piecing and design are good.

B for effort on this one perhaps.

**There are still lots of things available from my instagram sale at in case you need a little shopping fun this holiday weekend. We are off to the 100 mile yard sale tomorrow with Jack in tow (that child cannot be left with any kind of babysitter right now due to VERY bad behavior, so he gets to hold my hand a lot right now, heh.)


  1. What a special quilt for your Dad. Congrats to Jack on his award and I hope he has tons of fun at the 100 mile yard sale!

  2. Congrats to Jack..I can't believe he is off to middle school. Am sure your dad will treasure that quilt. You certainly seem to whip them up quick..they would take me years and years.

  3. I love this quilt! It would be perfect for on the patio during the summer. You are a quilting machine, Sarah! So happy you are finding the time to do it.

    Have an awesome weekend!


  4. Congratulations Jack!!
    The quilt came out beautiful! I'm sure your dad will treasure it. You are becoming quite the quilter :)


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