Thursday, May 14, 2015

So this is 40.

 Hello 40.  I don't really think we are friends just yet.
But maybe in some ways we are. (See exhibit A - selfies taken while lying around with bedhead watching Daniel Tiger with the kids.)

On the kids birthdays I document their development, their milestones, their likes and dislikes and so forth. So how about one for me on this milestone birthday?

40 things about me. Maybe.
1. Currently reading - all the quilt magazines.
2. Still reading - all the Stephen King
3. Eating - loads of fruits and vegetables in an effort to lose a few.
4. I hated raspberries until Jack was a toddler and we took him raspberry picking. Now I eat a pint a day.
5. I could spend all day quilting.
6. Or sitting outside with the kids.
7. I don't have a lot of give of fuck when it comes to the house these days.
8. I have even less give a fuck about cooking these days.
9. I feel 40.
10. But also I don't. That's weird.
11. It freaks me out to think my life is likely half done.
12. That makes me need to quilt all the things.
13. And buy all the fabric to quilt all the things.
14. If I could get back to England I would head straight for Liberty.
15. I finally bought myself some Liberty Tana Lawn for my birthday.
16. The last 6 years have It's finally relenting.
17. Its a bit weird to be 40 and still have two very small kids.
18. That makes it hard to have girlfriends. All their kids are teens and so forth.
19. I obviously do not care that much though, because I don't do anything about it.
20. I hope I never have to go back to teaching.
21. My grandpa would die that I don't use that degree, but it gives me the security my grandma wanted me to have.
22. I feel like a Bon Jovi song - the skin I am in is alright with me, it's not old, just older.
23. I am on a mission to wear pink now.
24. Why not? It makes me happy.
25. I need a nap every day.
26. Most days I manage to sneak in a few minutes while Sam watches tv.
27. My kids, dude, my kids. I have reached that point in life where I just look at them in wonder. I made them! After all that turmoil I made them.
28. I watch the Golden Girls every night.
29. And then I freak out because I am only 18 years younger than the Golden Girls.
30. At least I can laugh about it.
31. I am trying to be less hardcore, but lets face it, I am a hard ass.
32. I was born that way.
33. I am totally over people who find that intimidating.
34. When I was college I cried when my myers briggs personality test showed me to be a hard ass. Why? STOOPID. Someone has to be bossy.
35. I am still not sure I can believe in God. I mean I do, but I don't.
36. I find it endlessly fascinating to watch the children's relationships with God develop and it has me 100% convinced that some people are born with the gene to believe and some just are not.
37. I cannot wait until next year when the kids are big enough to start travelling! I used to go everywhere.
38. I miss that.
39. This morning started with 1 tantrum over a blue bowl and not a pink bowl, 1 tantrum over wanting to pour milk, and 1 child with his face in my face before I was even up telling me he needed his laundry done.
40. It's a glamorous life I lead.
41. It's alright by me.

Hapde Burfday to me!


  1. The happiest of Birthdays, Sarah! As a woman now over 60 - how the hell did that happen? - I'm here to tell you I love your attitude and how the kids are growing and learning, bits and pieces of your everyday life and that I wish I had a journal of my kids' early years. Bless you for being able to do that for them and yourself! Have a very happy, relaxed, YOU day! And many, many more!!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, dear Sarah! May 40 bring your lots of beautiful fabric, growing independence in your littles, and all of the best junk finds that your heart desires. :)

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!! I love these pics of you, really cute. :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Keep on thrifting! Keep on wearing pink! Keep on reading! Keep on sneaking in those needed naps! Thanks for always keeping it REAL! PS. Number 47 is happening next week for me. The good thing about having young children, nobody even thinks you are your real age.

  5. Happy Birthday! Loved your list of what makes you tick. Embrace the age of 40 and all that it brings...and wear pink everyday.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a truly lovely day and a marvelous year. I won't lie, 40 was an adjustment for me, but the older I get, the stronger I get and the less crap I take from people :) But you already got that covered so you are ahead of the game!! Love you dear blog friend !!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Sarah! I'm a year behind you and I am actually kind of looking forward to 40. Just want to get the damn day over with!



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