Friday, May 08, 2015

Spring things

I've narrowed down my list of issues with blogging to about 100 things, lol, but at least it's helped me think about what my issues really are.

Some of them are just momentary (crazy busy time of year, outside 12 hours a day with the kids), some of them are more long term (computer dying and just not really wanting to replace it, and yet mobile blogging on this platform is just awful), and some of them, well, it feels like talking to myself, I would rather be know.

Anyway. Here I am.
Our birds are about ready to fledge. They have made a GROSS mess of our lovely nest and planter! Grant saw this and said "eww, gross."
Then he saw this and said "not gross"... "not gross"..."not gross"...for all the rest of the photos. That kid! LOL

This is the mantel right now. I went for a springy/birthday/things mommy likes theme. Flowers, ribbons, nests, butterflies.
OF COURSE it is rainy today. Hmmmmph. Always. Some feathers, a chocolate mold basket, millinery flowers, Heather Ross fabric in a sweet IKEA frame.
Pottery barn kids butterflies, a frog, some flowery postcards.
A nest, depression glass, some wooden garden themed people.
The tree does not photograph well this time because it is very airy and sparse - butterflies and kites.
The kids and I made some colorful handprint flowers with paper straw stems. I made a bunch more to make a wreath for my mother for Sunday, but I have lost them (and it was a stupid amount of work with these two). So we are off to walmart as soon as I hit publish for more construction paper so we can do it again. Sigh.
Kites and butterflies and some flowers.
I paid a lot for this HUGE book/magazine in Barnes & Noble, but I was totally smitten! (It is not on Amazon, sorry. I found it with the magazines in the home section, but it looked rather randomly placed there. It was the only one.)
It is like three inches thick and filled with the most delicious paper stuff ever! Invites, stickers, papers, signs, paper dolls, posters, you name it.

Would make a lovely mother's day gift for other craft junkies!

Okay, off to crapmart with us. Happy Friday! (Come see us on instagram? We hang out there every day, making cakes, thrifting, playing, it really is just dreadfully easy "blogging". makinprojiks)


  1. So pretty and springy! What sorts of ribbons are those on the mantel? They look like award ribbons of some kind, but what? lol

  2. So I have to find that book. And the new Mollie Makes magazine. A guess a trip to B & N is in order for me. Damn.


  3. I found a copy of Flow one on ebay! $40 but 300 pages?!
    Love your pink tree!


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