Sunday, May 03, 2015

What Cheer Flea

As I was staring at the pile of flea market loot on the table waiting to be photographed for the blog I thought maybe I don't want to blog anymore. Maybe it's temporary, maybe it's not, but after ten years of this maybe I am done with it. I don't seem to blogging a damn thing about the kids, I have a list of things I want to blog about, but meh.  Anyway, I am not committed one way or the other yet, but if things go quiet it's possible I have just given up.

Too many balls to juggle.

Dave and I left the kids with a babysitter for the first time ever overnight on Friday and went to Iowa for the What Cheer flea.  That thing never disappoints. The weather was perfect, there was no mud, there was a record number of vendors and I bought all the things, so no one else need bother to go.

Cutest flannel ever.
I never buy crafts made from cut up quilts, ever. But I wanted to remember how this duck was made, wouldn't he be so cute on a baby quilt?
The color and graphics on these seed sacks is amazing. I don't think you can wash them though, so I do not have a clue on earth what to do with them. I am thinking about using the green one to make a liner for my flea market cart.

Partial apple core quilt top. It's skinny, but that's okay, it will make a better curtain that way.

Swiss dot and gingham fabrics.
Oh damn, the tie is flipped up on what I think is a potholder. I bought it because of the tie! It has no lining though, so you would burn the crap out of yourself, but it's perfectly sized for your hand to go inside the collar.
Quilt kit pieces, likely shop bound.
Hardware. I think those oval ones would be great with each kid's name in them on a locker type storage shelf.
Vintage cards with adorable graphics for upcycling.

Finally some tin cups! I still want to hang tin cups on the foyer tree in the summer.

This is a roll of French wallpaper.
That basket chocolate mold is on the mantle for mother's day.  That thing in the back is a tobacco mold. I need to decide where to hang it.

FINALLY! YOU.ARE.MINE. I left one of these at our local flea FIVE years ago and have been sorry ever since. It will be our kitchen trash can soon.

The quilt market in Iowa is just not like ours. I don't have a sunbonnet Sam yet, so I picked him up.

Lord, look at the hot mess on the back!  This is a good candidate for redoing if I ever get around to it.
This is a cheater quilt.

The fabric on the back.
This is pretty faded, but still very sweet.

If I get back here I have photos of the actual market for you.

But really, something has to give. :/


  1. I really hope you continue to blog, even if it's only once in awhile. I have been reading you since Jack was 3 or 4 (I think) and have enjoyed reading about everything! There isn't a vintage market where I am, and I enjoy seeing all of your great finds, your charming decor, your trees, and updates on the kids. Also, of course, your swaps!

    What wonderful finds at the flea! I love the sunbonnet sam...I don't think I've ever seen one! And the Best Fry container is amazing!

  2. Yep, it's a good thing I decided not to go because you bought every single thing I would have! Totally joking....Iowa is waaaaaay too far away from Oregon :-) But seriously, you bought the best stuff! I have that doll bed in blue and am trying to come up with a way to use it that isn't doll related. And all the linens? DYING!!! I'm gonna be stalking your Etsy store to see what you list.

    I totally hear you about the blogging. I don't mind the posting so much as the picture taking. I just want to bring my junk home and put it away! Plus Instagram has really made my little blog go on the back burner. Ugh. Decisions.

    Have an awesome week!


  3. You really did find some fabulous goodies and how nice to have some alone time without the kiddos. I'm really smitten with all your tin dishes and cups. Great graphics. I'm trying to stay on top of blogging, but IG is soooo much easier. I completely get it.

  4. I've been reading your blog for years. I hope you continue . Jack is the same age as my younger son and I enjoyed reading another mother's perspective on parenting a 10year old boy. I really love your

    writing about your home. It's not some heavily

    edited space showcasing an interior design

    wannabe's perfect version of a family space.

  5. I also hope you keep up with blogging...follow you elsewhere of course, but love seeing your finds and watching your kids grow up. i was hoping to hit What Cheer this fall when I am out there on a road trip, but the dates don't line up. DRAT. That even has been on my bucket list ever since you mentioned it a few years ago.

  6. Do you think there is a chance that the item you thought was a "thin" potholder could be a hot water bottle cover? I really have no idea but when I saw the shape that is what popped into my mind.


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