Monday, June 08, 2015

All Aboard! A day out with Thomas

On Saturday we drove the kids to Kansas to ride Thomas. At 5 hours each way it was a LONG ride in the car. The kids are definitely getting better, but we are still not ready for the road trip to Florida. LOL

My little kids still think this is pretty cool. Sammi not as much as when she was two, but we still can do this a few more years I think.

It was HOT out there, so the kids are red faced and sweaty, but otherwise the pictures can tell the story I think.

The face on Thomas moved this time! His eyes and his mouth.  Pretty cool. Even though I told him five times in advance he was going to stand on that board and take a picture, Grant was a bit befuddled about why we were rushing him onto that thing. (It's a big rush to do this part before the train leaves again.)

Until next year Thomas!

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  1. What fun! Love, love, love the picture of Sammi holding Jack's arm. Too precious!


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