Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flea market Sunday on whatever day this is

We tried like hell to go to the flea this weekend. Got up early, loaded up the kids. Drove out there.

And then it started to sprinkle. 

No biggie. 

Then the sprinkle became a pouring rain. We had to shelter under dealers tents.

We had to wade through run off that was nearly to the little kid's knees.

We decided to wait under the tent with my favorite dealer while Dave went for the car. While they were helping me dry off the kids he says to me, sarah, I have something for you under that tarp. 

Isn't it gorgeous? I can't take a whole pic because it's now whatever day it is and it's still raining, but you get the idea. 

In the meantime it's like we live in some sci fi swampy jungle and the kids are getting seriously stir crazy and me? Just getting crazy.

Don't forget to get those swap boxes in the mail stat, only one is here!


  1. Mine is in the mail. I hope it arrives soon and all in one piece, let me know.

  2. That quilt is gorgeous and you have the right idea, become friends with the dealers and they save you great stuff! I need to try that!

  3. Hope it's a good swap mail day! My box was estimated to arrive today. I was having problems making decisions, so everyone got a 3 for 1 deal from me.

  4. That quilt is to die for!! 😍😍


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