Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Strawberry fields forever

When I filled out our calendar last week, I planned one "field trip" for every week. This week? Berry picking.

This is a MASSIVE accomplishment for me. We didn't even try to go last year. The last time we went Grant was a baby. And it was awful. I couldn't bend or squat to pick the berries without my insides trying to fall out. My RA was killing me. The children were unbearable.

Today the four of us got dressed, got in the car, got our behavior lecture about how we were going to behave on Karl's farm and off we went. And it was fine. They did great. I didn't have a nervous breakdown. I've learned to just sit on my butt to pick the berries to avoid the pain of all the other issues.
Never mind Grants poor hair. I swear that no matter where I go (including the barber shop) I cannot get him a decent haircut. Impossible.

Jack made a witch nose.
Sammi loves TINY THINGS. ALL THE TINY THINGS. Tiny books, tiny toys, tiny annoying scraps of everything.  (Somehow she accumulates a million piles of tiny things in her room every.single.week.) So it is no surprised that she picked tiny, unripe berries.
"mmmmmm, 'licious! mama!"

The best I could do for a group shot. LOL

This morning gives me hope. Maybe the crazy, really hard, cry in my cheerios, super intense days are passing. Maybe I will be able to pull off a once a week field trip on my own. Oh, we still have crazy, don't get me wrong, but I am feeling much more able to deal with it all lately.  That two under two thing was CRAZY ASS y'all. For real.

Back soon with a completed quilt.

(And yes, I know I said I was totally over this blogging thing. But things seem to be smoothing out a bit now that school is out. I actually have a little time to breathe right now.)

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  1. This is the perfect field trip! My question is did they eat more than they brought home? :-)



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