Monday, June 01, 2015

Take me out to the (freezing cold) Cards game

The choir at Jack's elementary school sings the national anthem at the Cards game once a year, so the school offers discounted tickets. We always take that opportunity to take the kids to the game once a year (at least).
It was so chilly yesterday! Barely out of the 50s and no sun. 

That was okay though, because it's way better than burning up in the sun.

We were way, way, way up at the top of the stadium.

We actually made it 7 innings this year! We could've made the whole game I think but somehow we cheaped out and did not buy Grant his own seat. He needs his own seat.

So. Hello June! I filled up the calendar with summer plans, we've bought tickets to Thomas for this weekend, we have our pool passes (as if we will ever be able to use them, it's still brrr!), and I am about to finish another quilt.

Not off to a bad start for summer.  (I say that now but we all have to go to the eye dr this morning. I have to have this crazy test because of the meds I take for the RA and the test makes me puke. And I have to manage all three kids. And puke. Sounds fun, no? LOL)

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  1. Oh heck yes Grant needs his own seat! That child would break my legs sitting on my lap for too long :-)

    Happy Summer!



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