Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ginty boy rocks old school

Dave is still working until ten pm, so yesterday Jack and Sam went to Oma's house for a bit.

It's shockingly quiet with just one two year old.

I find myself wondering what to do with all my free time.

I used it to send a whole years worth of photos to Costco (gasp) and catch up on making two years worth of blog books. Because apparently I can do my regular mother/housewife gig and sew but nothing else. (Like decorate, paint, run a business, organize anything, keep up with photos, blog, etc.)  

Anyway. Digging in the photos and the blog made me realize I miss this space. Two years from now I am going to want to remember something and it won't be here, which is sad. This time passes e dr so quickly and the blog is more faithful than my old brain ever will be at remembering.

My current quilt is  a pain in the ass, so the break is welcome. 

Grant is inching so close to three already! He woke up yesterday with about a hundred new words in his vocabulary. Lately I've been thinking he is scarily like Jack - knows the alphabet, easily counts to twenty, has an advanced vocabulary, is building crazy train layouts, is stupidly intense with the crazy tantrums and frustration.

He has totally different loves though - vacuums and cords and cooking!  And totally different tantrum triggers - "broken" food, injustice, you daring to do anything for him that there is even the slightest chance he could do for himself. 

 I cannot even believe he is about to be three! 

In fact, I am sure that Sam is still only three.  

Speaking of Sam, she is taking a very rare nap at the moment after running around here screaming and crying like a child possessed this morning. This was despite us doing what she wanted to do while grant was with Oma. We played a matching game, made a pie and made a suncatcher she has been bugging me about. 
I do not even like pie (the crust usually put me off), but strawberries were dirt cheap and I have to get them all used up. I had a piece of this after lunch and oh.my.word! I might be a pie convert.

Alright, time to sort out swimming gear I think. My hippo is on the truck for delivery, so bathroom paint tomorrow I think. 

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  1. I can't believe that Grant is going to be three! So I can't even imagine how crazy that must be for you :-)



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