Friday, July 31, 2015

Project Paint: Samantha's room

To be perfectly honest, I had ZERO intention of redoing Sam's room again. We had just painted her room three years ago when we did the nursery for Grant, and I liked the aqua color.
But as soon as the paint started going up elsewhere she immediately declared that her room needed to be PINK!
I hopped on pinterest and pinned a few ideas for her.  Her room was feeling very crowded and she is quite the keeper of ALL THE LITTLE THINGS.
 One idea I fell in love with was a pottery barn kids book shelf/window seat combo. I could NOT figure out how to do it for less than $250 though.  Then one night I had a bam! moment and realized I had a set of matching bookshelves in my sewing space I could use in her room.

Dave custom built her that bench to go between them. She loves that space!

The rug is a super, super plush $60 Amazon buy. (Particularly helpful since I have been carless.)
 Her bed went white again. I tried a lot of different stuff on this wall and ultimately just put the quilts back up. The kids are rowdy so nothing fragile could go there. And since they are rowdy, nothing that is so precious I could cry over could go there either.

Besides, I love the quilts. I made sure her shelves hold a big stack of them still - she had been asking to use them with her dolls.
 I bought that swag on instagram, the chalkboard thing is  an internet freebie printed on a free reusable sticker from Walgreens.
 One of the main goals of this was to get her a nice big play space in the middle of her room as she likes to go in there to get away from the boys. The photos don't show it, but that has been achieved in her tiny room.
 I bought this pottery barn kids quilt for her when she was a baby and FINALLY pulled it out of the closet.
 The bench fabric is slightly wrinkly because it's a clearance organic cotton KNIT curtain panel that was horribly sized and never fit on a single window. The knit shifts, but it's cozy.
 She did a VERY good job helping me weed through her toys and books. I explained they ALL had to fit on these two shelves now.
 This wall was super easy, and another pinterest idea. It's just washi tape.
 I will say it is not sticking nearly as well as the originator of this idea claimed though. I find myself pushing it back on every so often. I think a putty knife or something might make it stick better, but I do NOT want to be the one to have to take that back off in a year.

Since I used my sewing room shelves in her room my sewing fabric had to have a mini makeover too. I used some cube shelves we had been using to hold toys in the playroom. I actually really like them there. The extra floor space makes that room feel bigger too.

I am on a painting hiatus for the moment after her room!


  1. *Love* the bookshelf/bench combo! Her room looks so cute!

  2. I want to live in Sammi's room!! The funny thing is, I'm getting ready to paint my bedroom pink too! :-)

    Take a freaking break, Sarah. You deserve it.


  3. The scalloped edge on that little bench is just darling! Great detail.

  4. Sammi's room is beautiful! Way to go Sarah! Your husband did a fantastic job on the bench!

  5. Sammi's room is beautiful! Way to go Sarah! Your husband did a fantastic job on the bench!


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