Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Splish Splash and the Patriotic mantle

Dave is working a lot again this week, it just keeps raining (for more than a month now), Grant sleeps like total crap and therefore, so do I and just blech. All around blech.
At some point I will take this down I imagine. I've promised Sam we can put up these pear lights I got at Ikea and I have a blue bird idea churning.
 I just scrounged around  my house until I came up with enough to work here. And in the end I liked it quite a bit. Next year when I try to remember what I did here I will wish I had a better photo. Trophies, post cards, flags, mercury glass picks, flags, USA letters, ribbons, tinsel, hats.
 And hatchets! I finally scored some on Ebay. Now I need those tiny ones for the tree.

 Blurry tree. All my photos are blurry. I am becoming too used to the iPad. But for fun let's just say its because I am drunk. That sounds way more interesting.
 Hopefully by next weekend I have this foyer painted blue. I couldn't open the door to make the photo lighter because THE MOSQUITOS are a PLAGUE with all this rain.

 Since it rains every afternoon and our pool is only open stupid hours we went to the splash pad yesterday.

 Looking at the pictures it seems like I only take pictures of Grant, but he is the only child who stands still.

They love that place. Usually I like it too, but it was so hot and I was seriously Hangry. Not a good combo.

I am off to try and survive this day. I have barely slept two hours, I cannot keep my eyes open and I have to take care of the kids by myself until ten pm. (Do not even get me started on the bedtime bullshit around here right now. I have got to drop the hammer on that nonsense. It's making me crazy.)


  1. Forget about pretending you are drunk. Sarah, you NEED to get drunk:-)


  2. I love your patriotic display, It's nice to see how you decorated with the items from the swap. I see my Patriotic girl on your mantle. I love that you guys have a splash pad, I'm hoping my town adds one. I've only seen them in the bigger cities and the kids seem to enjoy them. I'm not a huge fan of the local swimming pool. I hope your summer is going well!


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