Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day of School

Honestly, the pace of life right now here is totally freaking insane. I keep thinking oh sure, today is the day we slow down! But no.

We went to KC with the kids this past weekend to see their grandparents, so I am trying to catch up on things like the house and the blog and the shop. (I am committed to listing things every.single.day since I organized my inventory last week.)

The kids started school last Wednesday.

Sixth grade (and middle school) for Jack.

Another PDO start for Grant. He needed a haircut which I didn't manage to get until Thursday.

And Pre-k for Sam. Her last year at home with me already. I've arranged their schedules so that Sammi is home alone with me on Wednesday mornings. I am hoping to use that time to do some crafts and work on some preschool topics with her.  (I only had one photo left before my camera said it was full, so she does  not look very happy! The mosquitos were attacking hard core.)

I am still trying to get my living room emptied.  We bought a new loveseat at IKEA in KC, and yesterday Grant and I bought the living room paint. I need to restore order to this darn house and soon!

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  1. OMG! Sammi's pose is the best :-)



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