Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kids say, kids make

Sam and I are still having craft mornings (and garage sales too) on Wednesdays. This was a Pinterest idea. I had only seen the frank and the pumpkin, when I suggested it she came up with a whole Halloween list of things she wanted to make with paint chips. I had grabbed the black with no idea sad was fumbling when she said, mommy! A spider. Clever girl.

I am in love with these. I grabbed enough chips for the boys to do it too, and they are garland bound.
This boy. This morning was rough. He was uncharacteristically grumpy right out of the gate. I was trying to pee and he was standing right next to me screaming in my ear and stomping on my foot. Then he pops off with "mommy, I like your big butt." And then I started to laugh and forgot all about how awful he had been. 

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