Monday, October 19, 2015

Hapde Burfday Jack!


 The years continue to pass in a weird combination of altogether way too fast and way too slow.
 And you, my dear, continue to be an extraordinary (and extraordinarily challenging) kid.

(He was purposefully acting goofy in this year.)

My dearest Jack,

11 it is then.  11 is sort of monumental to me. It's the first year of my own childhood that I really remember. It's the year I made friends who would be friends for life. It's the year I had my first boyfriend. It's the year I moved in with grandma and grandpa for good, having been deemed "old enough to make my own choices about such things." It's the year I started earning my own money babysitting in the neighborhood.

While 11 is obviously looking very different for you right now, I still feel sure it is the year you will start to gain some ground on the independence front.

And I am totally okay with that, really, I am. I love watching you grow up. Every year more interesting than the last.

I've been thinking about you lately - about your particular challenges and struggles, and what I want you to learn and remember from this year ahead of us is that it is 100% totally okay to embrace who you actually are. As adults we often spout off about "letting your freak flag fly" or "rocking on with your weirdness," but I am acutely aware that as adults this is easy to do. Not so much when you are kid, or a preteen, or even a teen for a lot of people. For you I hope this means that you will start embracing friendships with the "smart kids". I know, I know, you don't think you want to be in that group. But trust me kiddo, they GET YOU. Surrounding yourself with them will push you, it's the challenge you are actually seeking, you just don't really get that yet.

Obviously it's going to take you awhile to get to that place. It may not happen this year. Or next year.  But I hope it does come eventually. Life is just so much easier when we are not afraid to say this is who I am, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Other than that, I hope that you look back on 11 like I do - with wonder. 11 is awesome.

Love you big dude,

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  1. Happy Birthday Jack! I'm wishing you a great year and that all your good wishes come true!


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