Wednesday, October 28, 2015

On the third day of Halloween

On the third day if Halloween, the great pumpkin gave to me:

 Part of the Halloween blowmolds;

And some more (I didn't get them all out because we were still building this furniture. I think they will all fit next year though);

One Halloween village that will never be completed. Maybe if I do it in July? I have grand plans and a stash of stuff;

One cloth costume collection;

And one witch piñata.

And no pants! Apparently I forgot when it got warm that my ten year old jeans all bit the dust last winter. It's almost November, might want to solve that problem eh?


  1. We had that blowmold with the top hat when I was a kid and a few years ago my parents got rid of it! Arrrgghhhhhh

  2. That piñata is awesome! I'd have a really hard time explaining to my family why they couldn't bust it open. They just don't seem to get the whole collectible concept.



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