Thursday, February 04, 2016

Picture in picture or Polaroid with a twist quilt

I've been wanting to use some of my vintage scraps to make a quilt and after much waffling decided to use a Polaroid pattern. My original plan was Polaroid with a twist - the twist being that the frames are blue not white. But I was unhappy with the finished size, so I went a little further and made a picture in a picture. It took a lot of ripping and ripping and more ripping to be happy with both the border fabric and the dimensions of the outer Polaroid.

Inside each frame is a different 1930s/1940s fabric scrap.

I loved this print so much I pieced it to make it fit.

The blue is a cotton couture, moda basics for the chicken wire. I used bamboo batting. It's my new favorite. It's light and thin and gets me closer to that vintage quilt weight I am always seeking.  I buy big bolts of it from Walmart of all places. 

Second finish of 2016! On to a special baby quilt next. 

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  1. What a creative idea! Nice job; it's lovely.


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