Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sammi turns 5, a last minute paw patrol party swap

I had fully planned to do a rainbow party for this year, and even sent out invites saying as much. It turns out we had quite a few boys attending and I just could not figure out enough activities for rainbows that I thought the boys would enjoy, so we had a last minute swap to paw patrol.
I'm just going to put this out there now - I cannot even believe the parties I used to do for Jack now that I have three kids. Also, Jack BARELY even remembers those parties (and none of us remember who attended?) so I am in the "phone it in stage". Buy something at the party store, invite everyone, let the kids do what they want really. If they like an activity? GREAT! If they don't and want to go outside and play? GREAT! I am pretty sure it all comes out even anyway.
Anyway. Paw patrol. It took a bit of googling to find decent ideas, but I did. These are not my own ideas.
 Skye's loop the loop. The kids loved this actually. We helped them make paper airplanes to launch through the circle. It called for hula hoops, but it's February.
 Rubble's race. This was meh. Using only one hand put the cotton balls in the trucks against  the timers.
 Airplane station. I threw in streamers and stickers to decorate them. The kids liked that best.
 Random party store d├ęcor.
 Store bought cupcakes. (Rock on with your bad self Sarah.)

 Store bought cake that someone couldn't resist.
 Zuma's water rescue. We glued magnets on paw patrol figures and made fishing poles. The kids also liked this. And actually I will be letting my own kids do this when we are in the yard this summer and spring.
 Party store pin the badge on Chase. This was a HUGE hit this year. Some kids wanted to do it many times. Last year no one would touch the my little pony one.
 I had planned to let the kids wear these masks and do the pup pup boogie to the show song, but they were busy outside, so I just sent the masks home with kids that wanted them.
 Party favors - coloring books and fresh crayons.
Someone else blew out the candles before she could. Ooops!

Either way, she had a great time with her little friends. Happy Birthday Sammi!

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  1. You know you are out of the kid loop when you have NO idea what the paw patrol is and have to google it. Happy Birthday did FIVE roll around?


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