Monday, May 16, 2016

16 patch "in the garden" quilt

I saw an Instagram photo of a big collection of floral prints with white backgrounds that immediately screamed my name. I checked my stash - nothing. Joann - nothing. The nearly empty Hancock - nothing. I happened to have some PayPal cash from getting rid of some of my quilts, so I bought about 20 half yards of light or white prints. Then I chopped them into five inch strips and strip pieced 16 patches. There are two block versions - an a and a b, and they alternate in an attempt to be "random" with no thinking.
As I was working I started thinking of this quilt as in the garden. It's all flowers, raindrops, bugs, animals like bunnies, toadstools and a few other fun gardeny things. (Pinwheels!)
It's backed with a king sized shabby chic from target flat sheet and bound with a tiny strawberry print.
It is huge.
And I am hoping that my intensely picky sleeping self with be able to sleep under it this summer. (Right now I need to wash it like ten more times to soften the drape more I think.)

After washing.

Overall a super fun quilt to make on a whim! 

Fabrics - fat quarter shop
Batting - bamboo
Backing - shabby chic flat sheet 
Name - in the garden 
Finished - may 2016
Destination - our bed 


  1. I loooooove it!!!! There's just something about it that's so comforting

  2. It's beautiful and I hope it works for you for summer!! (otherwise please send it my way-lol!)

  3. This is incredible, Sarah! Would be perfect in my room :-)


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