Monday, May 09, 2016

Flea market Sunday

We have no childcare at the moment. None for the summer (which is barreling down on me starting next week), none for emergencies. Zippo. So I didn't think getting to what cheer was going to happen this weekend. We are hoping to take the kids on our first real vacation this fall, so we decided we would do a test run at the last minute and go to Iowa Saturday. The little kids were great. Jack? Let's not even go there, okay?

Things at the flea were super picked over by the time we managed to drive there, park !!!, and get in at 11 a.M. 

I did still manage some treasures though -

An old cast iron water fountain. Use to be determined.

A toy sewing machine. I want a collection of these and have been Looking for quite some time, but they are scarce.
Cute fabric.
Night light.
Feedsack comforter. One fabric on the front, one on the back, 
Oh man, eek! A vintage airplane quilt. I've never seen this pattern in the wild before and I nearly died when I saw it. Even though I have a ton of quilts a new to me Pattern is always exciting.
The sashing is a tiny red dot.

I have no clue why this lovely was still lying around mid morning at the cheapest price ever, but it was. Lucky me!

Ugh, Monday. Doctors appointments, returning recalled food to Costco, Dave on a work it over yet?


  1. Oh my gosh, that airplane quilt!!! To die for.

    I remember seeing an idea somewhere of having a drinking fountain mounted on the back wall of the house so the kids aren't always tromping in to get drinks. That one might be too old for that but I always thought that was so smart.

  2. I begged Brian to let my buy an old water fountain from the swap meet the other day!

    Good luck on your childcare hunt, Sarah. If only we'd lived closer to one another. Then you could recruit Maddie!

  3. So will you trace a pattern for the airplane quilt?? I would love to have one! SO CUTE! My grandson will be 1 in June - would love to start on this for him.
    Laruel (


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