Thursday, May 19, 2016

Last day of sixth grade

Woohoo! We've made it through the first year of middle school with all of our limbs intact. There have been some bumps and a million phone calls. We are all learning to negotiate the road to independence together. Jack had straight As all year. He also earned a math excellence award and a star student award. Last week on yet another phone call to school I asked them to find him a harder math class. He took a placement test and tested into eighth grade math easily, so we are going to skip seventh grade math next year. (Both he and I are more than ready for high school - he needs to start being able to work more to his ability level instead of being held at his "social" level all the darn time.) 

He isn't making many blog appearances these days as I am acutely aware that all his classmates are all over the Internet, but I am super proud of him for holding on and navigating the hard stuff this year. (And there has been hard stuff!) way to go Jack! 


  1. Congrats Jack on finishing 6th grade and your awards!

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