Thursday, May 12, 2016

Quilting resources

I've mentioned some of these on Instagram, but a few blog comments made me think they are worth mentioning here too. 

As my quilt collection and quilt making have reached epic proportions, I've found myself buying books. Here are a few that I use a lot.

I should  also say I cAnnot say too many times how much I love the Instagram quilting community. It gives me access to a world of knowledge and a wealth of inspiration. You really should try it out. If you don't have, or use, a smart phone you can access it on the iPad (and probAbly other tables too.)

All of these books have come to me used via Amazon or the thrift except fat quarter style.

This book has a ton of designs, but you are going to need to draft the pattern yourself. I do do that sometimes, on graph paper. BUT, it will also give you a name that you can google and often hit the right pattern that way even if googling was not working for you. I just tried googling the airplane quilt with zero success, but using the name from this book led me right to a pattern.
This is, by far, the best resource for trying to find pattern names for old quilts. And used its pretty cheap - in the $5 range. It gets used at least once a week around here, either looking up an interesting quit I saw on Instagram or trying to name one in my collection.
The book above has replaced this one for the most part, but this is still a nice collection of Mckim patterns.
I do not use this book for the patterns, but it has a very thorough picture tutorial on how to use a binding tool. I use it for every single quilt (as I can't seem to remember which way to flip the tool!) and finally have a tidy binding join every time.

I wish this was more comprehensive, but it's what exists for fabric dating, so I do use it.
Even if you never want to piece letters this book is just full of revelations about improvisational piecing. There is another book I get from the library too along the same lines for when I just need to think outside the quilt block. :) 

Maybe that will help get you started! I have quite the library (and tool box too) these days.

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