Sunday, July 17, 2016

Flea market Sunday

Man, I am still having to hunt hard to find Anything to buy! I've been carrying around the same money in my wallet for weeks. Really it's okay though, because I might have gone on a Halloween fabric binge. 

I managed to scrounge up a few things:

Putz houses that  were cheap. The large ones are not my favorite style, but at that price I wouldn't leave them behind.  My putz tree might be overly full? Oops.
A bread box. I debated This forever because I have no place to put another one and then I remembered we've been using an enamel bucket for bread and it's always messy looking. So, an actual bread box it is!
I haven't bought post cards in forever! These are nice. 
Each of those strips is actually all the parts to make a hexagon flower. She machine pieced them into strips, which is strange, I've never seen anyone put hexagons together that way. Maybe that's why they are only to this stage. I need to think on them a bit. They are very small and would make a super sweet doll quilt but this strip thing is tricky.

And some antique flowers. Another I need to think on it purchase. The flowers are all mostly cut into pieces which is not great for their scale, so I am not sure what to do with them. But listen, desperate I tell you. $5 worth of desperate.  :)

We've taken the kids to church and now I am pondering an IKEA run for a Raskog cart.  Happy Sunday!

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  1. At least you have a flea market to go to this time of year! Ours shuts down in June until the end of September. So weird.


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