Wednesday, July 20, 2016


We've missed having our own garden the last few years, but Dave and I both agreed it had to wait. The little kids were just using every last bit of our energy until the year. This year we put in two boxes - one with veggie, one with tomatoes, and made a big pumpkin patch. Plus we have six fruit trees.

Everything was going splendidly, we were harvesting, things were growing, the kids were learning and trying new things. Then this week the squash vine borers hit hard. Nearly all my plants are dead and I fear for the pumpkin patch too. 

This was a mutant yellow squash. 

This zucchini had been overlooked and got way too big! 

We had both plums and apples. Damn squirrels are them all. Every last one. They are currently decimating my peaches too. I tried an ultrasonic pest repeller - it slowed them a little, but not much. I need to figure out how to kill them I guess, but ugh. 

Some kitties visited when the garden first went in. :)

So, I like having food in the yard. But gardening is hard man, it's a never ending pest war really and I'm still not sure I have the energy to battle! 

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  1. Fighting the critters is part of gardening. If the tree is small enough, try netting it to keep the squirrels away. Otherwise, good luck. We finally got rid of our peach tree and I have given up on picking any cherries.
    I have tried some homemade organic remedies for squash borers in the past - usually involving dishsoap and cayenne pepper I think. I'm sure you can google it and find it. You spray it on, but you have to reapply after rain. It did work though.
    Gardening is work.


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