Thursday, July 21, 2016

Little gymnasts

Yesterday was the last day of the summer gymnastics program I had enrolled the little kids in.  They really enjoyed it and we've enrolled in a program for the school year too.

 I knew Sammi would like it, but what surprised me was watching Grant.  I nearly cried more than once watching him.  That baby who had so little muscle tone he could not even manage fetal position, the toddler who took 11 months to crawl and 16 months to walk, the preschooler who still has stiff ankles and awkward feet - you would never know it on the mats. Oh, he's still goofy, but he gives it his all. No fear, little hesitation, bouncing himself all over.  Balancing on two beams, turning circles on the beam.  Amazing really how much kids change in so short of a time span.
Sammi turned out to be the one with hesitations.  She's into her groove now though.
They made the 8 week program a mini Olympics theme.  We are all so excited for the Rio Olympics to start over here!

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