Monday, August 15, 2016


Tomorrow is the big day! Kindergarten begins.

Sam has a whole list of things to do today:
Make a craft
Play minecraft
Play with grant
Snuggle her stuffed animals

She is so very excited. Me? I'm carrying on. I've worked super hard with her the last eight months to get her ready for school. In January she was not ready at all. Now she is. But her going off on the big yellow angel really does signify a huge change for me this time. It's been six years of constant little people care with these two. From one diaper to the next, one problem to the next. When it was just Jack and he was off to kindy it was totally different, he was an only and he was super mature Already.  Grant and I are going to flounder in the silence a bit I imagine. Oy. Onward and upward always mama.


  1. Our only son started kindergarten last week. Though he did 3 days of preschool for two years, I was not ready for this. Hope Sammi enjoys her first days as much as our son Wesley did! Hugs to you!

  2. Give Sam a high five from me as she heads out tomorrow for the big day. Am sure it will be an adjustment for you and Grant, but knowing'll make the most of it. Milestone indeed.


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