Monday, November 07, 2016

1930s reproduction brick quilt

I have a handsewing project I have been working on since about May - it's English paper pieced hexagons in 1930s repro fabrics.  To get enough different fabrics for it I bought a LOT of charm packs. Then I had to cut them in half to get my 2.5 inch squares, leaving me with a huge pile of 2.5 x 5 inch bricks.  In the living room I have a pair of vintage quilts over the backs of our chairs - they are bricks. One day it occurred to me that I could do the same thing with that big stack of bricks from the charm packs.

So, I just started sewing them together. No rhyme or reason, just chain piece, chain piece, chain piece.

 I ended up with a throw sized brick quilt. (And then when I was cleaning my sewing room yesterday I found another HUGE stack of bricks. How did I miss them?? UGH!)
 Some folks on Instagram are bugged by the black bits. I considered leaving them out, but I thought nope, this is a true scrap quilt and they are in my scrap pile, so in they go.
 This kind of sewing is pretty therapeutic. After many intense quilts this year it was awesome to just sew. I didn't care if it went wonky, or matched or lined up.
 I backed it with this lovely vintage flannel I have had forever.

I wonder what quilt this is for me this year? 10? or more? I have another going right now on my desk, but I have been back on the pillow train too, so.... LOL.


  1. Love your scrap quilt, it really is pretty.

  2. That quilt is just beautiful!


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