Sunday, November 13, 2016

Flea market Sunday

I actually have so many things to say other than this is what I've thrifted this week. 

America cracked in half this week. And my heart cracked in half with it. I've spent a lot of time this week in silence. Well, media silence. No Facebook, no Instagram, no tv unless it's Netflix or DVDs, no newspapers. I physically could not handle any of it. Not because woe is me - but because the panic and negativity was just too much. It gave me anxiety. Instead I did things like pull my car over and introduce myself to the homeless man on the corner. Asking his name, asking what his greatest need was, taking the time to feed him, to buy him a coat. I stopped in a church and asked them how we could help him. I took my own kids to church. I took grant to target three times to visit a Christmas train because it's his greatest delight. I searched for volunteer opportunities for Jack and I. I thanked every veteran I saw and taught the kids to do the same. I pinned a safety pin to my shirt and I will wear it as long as I need to. 

It turns out it all helped. Tremendously. And I have decided that aside from the weather report, I don't really need to return to any of the media anytime soon. "Radio silence" is good. Im going to just do all the good I can, in all the ways I can and  keep repeating wither thou goest, I shall go. 

So, having said all of that I've spent  a fair amount of time wandering this week. 

Grant and I thrifted this Christmas pile on one of our train adventures. That is a very sweet felt gingerbread man. 
This is a gorgeous pineapple quilt. I've been working on the binding Bc it was a bit of a disaster even though the rest of the quilt is amazing.
Dave and I had a grocery shopping date yesterday morning, we hit the antique mall while we were out. This adorable box of ornaments is so cute I can't wait to get the tree up.
There are a few keepers in this super cheap box too.
Cake toppers are my current sentimental fav. 
A two color Missouri daisy.

A huge frame I was sure I had no room for, but I made work.

And a quilt that will be an Instagram give away this week. Because we all need some comfort right now, right?


  1. Love that Missouri daisy! Just beautiful!

    I haven't been on FB in a month of Sundays. The longer I'm not on it, the easier it is. I don't miss it, just some of the people :)


  2. Thank you for all the positive things you are doing and modeling. More than ever we have to look after each other now.
    sarabeth in Mass.
    ps--also love that sunny MO daisy.


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