Sunday, November 06, 2016

Little Owl's Night quilt

 One of Sammi's favorite books is Little Owl's night.  She asked me a long time ago to make her a little owl quilt and I have had the fabrics sitting in a bin for a long time. I was intimidated I think - batiks, thread drawing, all applique. It turns out that story book quilts really are my fav and they do go quite quickly.

These are not nearly enough photos really, there are a few more on Instagram I think.
Everything is taken directly from the book, and I tried to replicate their illustrations the best I could.  There is the owl, the silvery moth, the bath, the snail, the moon flower and the morning glory, the silvery spider web.  Sammi's favorite part of the book is how the sky transitions from night to day. The words in the book are that it changes from "black to blue, blue to red, red to gold."  If you look at the background of the quilt I have done the same color from top to bottom, with the gold sun rising at the bottom.

 I have just quilted according to the shapes.
 You cannot see it in the bright sun here, but the moth has silver dust floating from her wings just like the book. It was my first attempt at a lot of things in this quilt, including metallic thread! (I considered using glow in the dark thread for quilting, but getting it finished won out.)
And a silvery spider web here at the bottom. 

I really did love doing this and I have a sketch in my book for Little Owl's Day already, but here I am - feeling intimidated again. Silly me.


  1. Wow, that is really beautiful! A real work of art, congratulations! I love it.

  2. You are so talented! My daughter loves that book as well. I think we got it from the Imagination Library. We've never read Little Owl's Day. We'll have to go to our public library and check it out.

  3. Your Sammi is a lucky little girl! Her quilt is fantastic - what can't you do!


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