Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are staring down 2017.

Let's check in on 2016:
12 quilts finished.

6.2 miles of white thread went through the sewing machine.

And we took our annual family selfie this morning. I am seriously squinty eyed from wearing contacts. I have started wearing one contact for near and one for far and it takes my eyes an hour to get used to it every morning. So, first thing? SQUINTY. Awesome. LOL

in 2017:

I really hope to get back to this space a bit more, BUT Instagram is just so easy.  The blogger app is not supported anymore and won't work on my new ipad, so I have to sit down at a computer. I take most of the pics on the ipad.  This is going to require some actual work on my part methinks.  However, I hardly took any pics of the kids this last year. So few it was hard to pull together my yearly calendar.  That makes me a teensy bit sad.

One little word. I didn't choose one last year I don't think? It didn't seem necessary really. Or maybe I didn't give a crap. Three kids is definitely a circus (14 doctor visits in October this year!) and I just do what I gotta do most of the time right now. I always think oh, things will slow down now, but really, they never do.  But anyway, this year generosity seems like the word for me.  Not just things (although that has been part of it), but of spirit.

I read an article on facebook this morning that said that actually the big problem for women is not the actual doing of all the things, but the thinking about all the things. That's truth, isn't it?  It had never occurred to me that even though people are helping out with things around the house that it never feels like they are helping because my brain is still holding ALL THE THINGS. It's a lot. And it's worn me out this year. The kids are beyond the diapers and bottle stages but now my brain is certainly bursting at the seams with all the things I have to do (and remember and think about) for each of them. You can read it here.

Life is definitely a crazy journey, and at nearly 42 I do know this - as soon as you think you have got one thing figured out it all gets turned on its ear and you have to start all over again.

So, there you have it. 

I have to live with this Christmas stuff up for one more week for that project and then I can take it all down and get back on with the quilting of all the things! (and the never ending minding of the children, of course.)

Happy New Year to you.

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