Thursday, February 02, 2017

Flea market finds

This past Saturday Dave and I went to the big garage sale in Springfield again. I was really looking forward to the mental break from the kids (and the world), but Sam woke up burning up with fever so my trip was rushed a bit to get back to her. (It's a LONG drive and she was crying on the phone about wanting mommy.)

I did pick up a few things I really love:

Those are three candle holders and maybe a napkin holder? The napkin thing is dated 1942. I buy the German stuff from a very german woman named Ilsa.  She knows a lot about all of her things and is always happy to talk about them.  She said the candle holders were maybe a little earlier, but also black forest things.
This is a French poster. I think it was a school aid? It has wooden things at the top and bottom for hanging in the classroom.
And a whole gaggle of birds. These ten might have doubled the size of my flock in one swoop!

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