Monday, May 08, 2017

Conversations with grant

Mom, why did you buy a raincoat?
I was sick of being wet.
But you like getting wet in the bath?!?

Mom, how did they hire little bit to heaven?
What? Hire her?
You know - "higher" her!
Oooooooh. (Duh Sarah) her spirit went to heaven, her body stayed on earth. Your spirit cAn fly!

We had torrential rain last week. Like 10 inches of rain. And a basement flood. In fact, so much of the St. Louis area was under water again. I remember when flooding was an unusual event, not a once every 18 months event. Sign of the times I guess.

Our neighbor has two gigantic rose bushes. Huge, epic. There is one single rose that's a different color. It has a little streak of the same color as the other 10,000 roses. Interesting. (Seen above) 

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