Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pinwheel Garden Quilt

Oy this quilt!  Some quilts come easy, some are head scratching, buying all the fabric (and selling it because it's wrong), tooth grinding adventures. This was the latter.

The pinwheels are made from a double pinwheel (or double windmill) pattern which is easy enough to google. It's a pretty standard, classic block. I saw this block on the fat quarter shop Instagram (it is going to be part of their BOM here in June I think?) but you can google other pinwheel flower patterns. There is one in an older quilt magazine I found on line. 

I debated adding something to the centers - yo yo's or buttons, but decided against ultimately because of washability. I really like people to be able to use the quilts and wash them easily!
It was the block setting and sashing that caused me one million fits. Setting them on point has left me with a whole stack of leftover blocks too...

Fabric - American Jane Bread and Butter
Batt - cotton
backing - pencil fabric and white kona
Pattern - mish mash of googled things
Use - gift for one of the school teachers!
Finished - April/May 2017

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