Monday, June 05, 2017

Go Go Thomas

 We are now one full decade into taking the kids to Kansas to ride Thomas. The loooong car ride is not nice, but it really is one of my favorite things to do with the kids. I imagine next year will be our last? Sniff.

 Too bad about that car in my photo.

 Grant was really excited to see percy drive right by us!
 Then they honked the horn and he looked at me and said "mommy! that was  a diesel horn, not a steamie!"

Nooooow, the engines at this thing are dummy engines. The trains are pulled by diesel engines at the back of the train. If you have a choo choo head in your house you will know that Thomas and Percy are steam engines. Most little kids don't even notice. Unless you are one of our boys. Ahem.

Such a lovely day.

I found a few treasures at the yard sales too!  Right now my house is torn up sorting it out, but back soon with that.


  1. You were in my neck of the woods! Speaking of yard sales, do you do estate sales? I've been having fun at them and garage sales.

  2. A couple of years back I had a 1st grade boy who learned that we (US) may run out of coal. He looked startled and said, "But how will we run our steam locomotives, wood?". 'Nother choo-choo head for sure. He was in a special ed class, and any time I needed to simmer him down I could find a train book at the library and we were good.

  3. Grant is so smart lol I love seeing the kids grow and your thrifting finds! Please keep on keeping me entertained!


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