Friday, June 02, 2017

Grant's Farm

In a veiled attempt to maintain my sanity (cough), I have rough plans for summer. Thursdays are for field trips. Today we hit up Grant's Farm.  Grant has been asking and asking to go here for months because he really believes it is "HIS FARM." It was perfect this morning! Cloudy, cool, not crowded. If only every field trip Thursday would work out so well.

 This Clydesdale is Yankee, he was awesome at posing for photos!

 Newborn bison calves just born yesterday!
 The goats are actually way less crazy if you do NOT go in there with food.

Pony rides are sort of crazy expensive, but I had a parking coupon...

 This kangaroo is nuts. It stood on it's tail forever boxing that ball. I cannot even imagine if this thing decided to box you.
 Tiny wild strawberries in the wallabies.

 Amazing sink in the stables.

Until next time Yankee!

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  1. I have those strawberries growing in my yard! I haven't seen the birds or bunnies eating them though you think they would.


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